autism disability | April 01, 2019

Bath encourages community to go yellow for Autism

World Autism Day is approaching and there is a campaign to create better awareness of women and girls diagnosed with autism in the community.

Ms Bath said latest research is telling us autism in women and girls often goes misdiagnosed and can be misunderstood.

“Behavioural traits for females with autism often present quite differently with girls much less likely to display the repetitive and restricted behaviours which appear in males.

“There is also a view among professionals that girls are more adept at hiding symptoms.  Their verbal skills are more advanced and they are often motivated by a greater desire to fit in socially. 

The ‘Go Yellow’ campaign aims to provide awareness and support to women and girls with Autism. 

Parents of females on the autism spectrum speak of ongoing frustrations in receiving a diagnosis as their daughters are not displaying the ‘stereotyped’ symptoms seen in boys. 

Many females are not diagnosed with autism until adulthood.

Ms Bath said she is dressing yellow to support the Go Yellow campaign as raising awareness of Autism is important.

“We need to challenge the stereotypes and understand the differences in both females and males to so early intervention and supports can be provided to individuals and families.”

Research suggests that 1 in 68 school aged children have a formal Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.

Ms Bath said people with autism need multiple opportunities for social inclusion and community connection so high quality support networks are established from an early age.

“Everyone has the right to feel accepted and supported within our community, so each individual has the opportunity to meaningfully participate and contribute to society.”

World Autism Day is Tuesday 2nd April 2019

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