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Bath highlights common recycling mistakes

5 November 2015

Next week is National Recycling Week and Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath is highlighting the common mistakes householders make when it comes to recycling.

Ms Bath said it was important Gippslanders were aware of the benefits of recycling and about our local facilities such as the recycling facility at Latrobe Valley Enterprises.

“Latrobe Valley Enterprises’ (LVE) is a fantastic not-for-profit company which provides employment for people disadvantaged by disability,” Ms Bath said.

“LVE offers many services including a waste paper recycling facility which contributes to the protection of our environment while supporting local jobs.”

LVE provides a waste paper collection service in the Latrobe Valley area to businesses on a fee-for-service basis. For the general community there is also a 24-hour drop-off point located at its waste paper recycling depot at 70 Chickerell St, Morwell.

“It’s not only the environment that benefits from recycling as the process of recycling and composting creates more jobs than incineration and landfill,” Ms Bath said.

The Nationals MP said it was important people were aware of common recycling mistakes.

A new Planet Ark report titled All Sorted: Answering the Big Recycling Questions, surveyed 115 councils across Australia asking what the three most common mistakes made by their residents were.

“Nine out of ten councils said putting plastic bags and soft plastics in the recycling bin is one of the most common mistakes,” Ms Bath said.

“The fact you can’t put your every-day plastic shopping bag in the recycling bin I know still confuses many people. Plastic bags can be recycled but not in your home recycling bin as they cause problems in the sorting process at recycling stations.”

Nearly half of councils reported residents mistakenly placing kerbside recyclables into the general waste bin. Food contamination of recyclables was the third most common mistake.

Ms Bath said recycling reduced the need to extract raw materials, saving our limited natural resources.

“For example 75 per cent of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today because it can be recycled infinitely.”

For more information on Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week initiatives visit www.recyclingweek.planetark.org or call the National Recycling Hotline on 1300 733 712.



Caption:  Melina Bath MP is pictured with Latrobe Valley Enterprises CEO Guy Webb and LVE

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