Health | May 03, 2016

Bath highlights World Asthma Day in parliament

On World Asthma Day Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath has spoken in parliament about support tools available for people suffering with the condition.

“Sufferers know the debilitating effects of not being able to freely draw in air, a frightening occurrence that I have experienced myself since childhood,” Ms Bath told the parliament.

Around 2.4 million Australians have asthma – that’s one in ten. It is currently estimated that nearly half of the 2.4 million Australians affected have poorly controlled asthma.

Ms Bath said asthma affected people of all ages and mortality rates were higher for people living in remote or lower socioeconomic areas and for indigenous Australians.

“The causes of asthma are not fully understood, although research has shown that exposure to tobacco smoke (especially as a young child), obesity and as well as a family history of hayfever and allergies, can increase the risk of developing asthma,” Ms Bath said.

She said asthma was a condition that parents, schools and sufferers should take very seriously.

“More often than not it can be well controlled by following a daily management plan,” she added.

“With winter around the corner and asthma presentations to GPs and hospitals predicted to increase, Asthma Australia is launching a new app where people with asthma can access free information and support.

“The app provides easy access to information about asthma medications, devise technique videos, asthma action plans, asthma first aid and clinical guidelines.”

Available for free on any Apple phone or tablet, the app was developed based on feedback from healthcare professionals and sufferers.

“I encourage parents of sufferers to download the app and I commend the Asthma Foundation’s CEO Robin Ould and Education Coordinator Jayde Cesarec and recognise the countless hours of service and fundraising contributed by country people through local asthma foundations.”


Caption: Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath with Asthma Foundation Victoria’s education coordinator Jayde Cesarec and CEO Robin Ould.


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