Crime | August 18, 2016

Bath supports ‘No body, no parole’ as Labor turns it back on victims of crime

Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath has spoken out in support of victims of crime in parliament this week backing the Coalition’s proposed ‘No body, no parole’ bill.

The proposed new laws to stop convicted killers from receiving parole if they refuse to reveal the location or last known location of the body of a victim, were discussed in parliament this week.

“Daniel Andrews’ decision to vote against the ‘no body, no parole’ legislation is a slap in the face to victims of crime and their families and just goes to show how weak he is when it comes to standing up to violent criminals,” Ms Bath said.

Ms Bath said The Corrections Amendment (No body, no parole) Bill 2016 was about putting victims and their families first.

“The loss of a loved one through homicide is without doubt a very serious and traumatic event - it is a lifelong sentence,” Ms Bath told the parliament.

“Families of murder victims should have the rightful opportunity to provide a final resting place for their family member and hence have a sense of closure.

“Parole is a privilege for a prisoner convicted of a serious crime, and if there is unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation process, the right to parole should be revoked.”

Ms Bath said if the act was amended accordingly, criminals may be more compelled to cooperate with police.

She listed some Victorian examples of families whose loved ones have still not been found despite somebody being charged with their death.

“These families are left with a life-long sentence of grief yet these criminals have the opportunity of release from prison,” she said.

Ms Bath said she was extremely disappointed the Labor Government had turned its back on families of victims of crime.

“They have had their loved ones taken from them in the most horrendous, revolting and unimaginably traumatic way, and they still have no place to go to console themselves. This legislation may have been a chance for them to have that closure.”

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