Labor votes to uphold Dan’s Timber ban sham

Today in State Parliament the Andrews Labor Government voted down a motion seeking support
for the native timber industry.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath who raised the motion said the Andrews
Labor Government will go down in history as the most anti-regional regime in Victoria’s history.

“Labor’s arrogant disregard for regional industries and people is unprecedented.

“Daniel Andrews native timber ‘transition plan’ is nothing more than a sham, hastily rushed through
his inner circle in order to protect green votes”.

Jaclyn Symes, Labor’s Minister responsible for native timber harvesting chose to stay silent,
clearly unable to defend her party’s ideologically driven decision.

While Labor’s Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Harriet Shing openly admitted that the shutdown
of native timber industry would create enormous pain within Eastern Victoria, she failed to
acknowledge the devastation this would have on country communities.

Ms Bath said she was bitterly disappointed, but not surprised by Harriet Shing turning her back on
Gippsland families.

“Ms Shing was elected to represent Gippslanders, but today in State Parliament she abandoned our
communities and adopted the party line to support and defended city centric Daniel Andrews green
agenda,” said Ms Bath.

“Ms Shing has sold out our communities and all timber workers by failing to fight for these jobs.”

Ms Bath said the Andrews Labor Government has systematically destroyed another regional industry in

“Labor has condemned the future thousands of rural workers and their families by abandoning the
native timber industry,” said Ms Bath.

“Regional Victorians are sick and tired of Daniel Andrews’ arrogance and his green agenda.

“The ripple effect of Labor’s destruction of regional industries will obliterate country
communities turning some into ghost towns.”

“Make no mistake, regional Victorians are livid with this decision and their anger at Labor will
continue to fester and grow after today.

“While I am disappointed the motion was lost, our fight to protect regional communities, families
and a sustainable native timber industry is not over,” Ms Bath said.

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