Nationals | August 18, 2016

Parliament turns into play pen as Andrews spits the dummy on new Nationals member

Labor has blocked the swearing in of a new Nationals member of parliament in what Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath has described as a “monumental dummy spit” by the Andrews Government.

Luke O’Sullivan was selected by the Nationals to replace Damian Drum in the Northern Victoria upper house seat but Labor voted against holding a joint session of parliament as a protest to the six month suspension of Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings after he failed to provide documents.

Ms Bath said the constituents of Northern Victoria were being jibbed by the Labor Government over a childish revenge act.

“This bears no comparison to Mr Jennings who is able to execute all of his duties to his electorate fully resourced; only entry into this room is barred and can be remedied by the production of documents that should be in the public domain,” Ms Bath said.

“This is a disgrace! It goes against protocol where a new member of parliament is sworn in at the earliest convenience.”

Section 27A of the Victorian Parliament constitution states if a casual vacancy occurs in the seat of the Council a person must be chosen to occupy the vacant seat by a joint sitting.

“Due to the unprecedented monumental dummy spit by Daniel Andrews, Labor has blocked Mr O’Sullivan’s rightful entry into Parliament. He is ready to serve his constituents in Country Victoria,” Ms Bath said.

She described leader Daniel Andrews as a “bully” saying Mr O’Sullivan was now in “limbo land with no office, no staff, no phone… no identity within the parliament” leaving his constituents without upper house representation.

“It again shows the contempt Daniel Andrews holds for country Victoria – another example of him playing childish political games at the disadvantage of country Victorians.” 

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