solar homes program solar | September 24, 2019

Solar Minister continues to arrogantly pat herself on back

After Labor’s Minister for Solar proclaimed the Solar Homes Program was fixed, the program administration and technology continues to spectacularly frustrate and fail customers. Ms...

solar solar homes program | September 03, 2019

Labor’s solar scheme rolls from one disaster to another

After caving to the wave criticism swamping the disastrous Solar Home Program Local, Labor’s Minister for Solar now has a fresh crisis on her hands....

solar homes program solar | August 08, 2019

Welcome to Labor’s Solar Disillusion

The Andrew’s Labor Government’s self-proclaimed ‘solar revolution’ has become Victoria’s solar disillusion. The Solar Homes Program is plagued with negative reviews, business closures, job losses...

solar solar homes program labor | August 01, 2019

Labor’s Solar Homes Lottery becomes industry disaster

The Andrews Labor Government’s Solar Homes Program for the second month in a row is a bad consumer lottery inflicting enormous pain on Victoria’s solar...

solar labor Small business | July 23, 2019

Labor’s Solar Program leaving businesses in the dark

Labor’s Solar Home Program is under a dark cloud with industry bodies and the opposition calling on the government to review its poorly designed on...

Electricity solar cost of living | August 22, 2018

Labor’s Solar Scheme misses the mark

The Nationals, Melina Bath, Member for Eastern Victoria Region has taken the Andrews Labor Government to task in state parliament today over the recently announced...

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