Bath applauds Gippslanders for achieving postcode COVID-19 reporting

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath has congratulated Gippslanders for their efforts in lobbying the State Government to achieve greater transparency on COVID-19 to include postcode data.

Ms Bath said her constituents were seeking meaningful reporting of active COVID-19 cases as the second wave impacted Victoria.

“Each Gippsland local government area (LGA) covers expansive geographical areas and it was difficult to understand risk.

“Daniel Andrews COVID-19 LGA reporting used for first wave is outdated as case numbers rise and new restrictions are implemented.

“Labor’s daily data release was confusing for regional Victorians and left Gippslanders frustrated.

“Accurate data reporting improves health outcomes by motivating individuals at a local level to supress the spread of COVID-19.

Gippslanders are protective of their local communities and want to insulate their hometowns from coronavirus.

“Importantly, COVID-19 postcode reporting assists the implementation of rapid and targeted health responses if the need arises.”

Ms Bath said she had made urgent representations on behalf of Gippslanders to the Premier asking for detailed daily reporting based on postcodes.

“While the Premier has not provided a response, it was encouraging to see COVID-19 postcode COVID-19 data released,” said Ms Bath.

In writing to the Premier, Ms Bath also asked for an interactive heat map like the NSW State Government’s reporting.

Ms Bath said the NSW State Government map was informative, providing an instant daily snapshot of active cases, total cases, recovered cases, recent tests, total tests and population in each postcode.

“It would be helpful for COVID reporting in Victoria to go further and include the same detailed data readily available to residents in other Australian states.

“Quality data reporting is the key achieving desired health outcomes, and Gippslanders want to see their sacrifices are making a difference.”