Bath battles gas connection ban in parliament

The Nationals MP, Melina Bath this week in State Parliament put on notice for debate a motion to overturn the Andrews Labor Government’s ban on new gas connections in Victoria.

Ms Bath said many Victorian homes are reliant on gas for heating and cooking and Labor’s plan to ban gas connections is a shortsighted and misguided policy.

“It is deceitful for Labor to pedal misinformation about Victoria’s gas supply in an attempt to justify its ideological agenda”, said Ms Bath.

“The Andrews Government should not dictate how Victorians cook their meals or heat their homes.

“Around 80 per cent of Victorian homes are connected to gas, new homes buyers should not be punished for Labor’s flawed agenda.

“Removing choice will only serve to push up electricity prices and send gas appliance manufacturers bankrupt.

This week NSW declared that it won’t be following Victoria and banning new gas connections because it ‘doesn’t need another complication’ with its energy supply mix.

Previous government studies show that the Gippsland and Otway Basins are a vast source of natural onshore gas.

Ms Bath said the energy mix in Victoria is far from stable and gas plays a critical role keeping the lights on and industry turning.

“Renewable energy technology is in its infancy in our state and will not be a reliable or dominant power source for decades.

“Infrastructure and investment in renewables is presently not sufficiently advanced to justify Labor’s ban on new connections.

“The Andrews Government energy policy is ideologically designed with blinkers on – it’s foolish to deny Victorians access to new energy technologies that are safe and reliable.