Bath demands answers from Premier on Steelvision

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath is demanding answers from Premier Daniel Andrews on the demise of Morwell based Steelvision, its outstanding debts and the loss of jobs resulting from this closure.

In March 2018 the Andrews Labor government awarded Steelvision Ptd Ltd a Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA) grant in excess of $1/2 million. The announcement also promised to create 55 jobs in a climate of high unemployment.

Ms Bath said the closure of Steelvision, the job losses, the lack of income and the huge debts owing are all at the hands of Daniel Andrews.

“In March 2018 Labor ministers were only too happy to be spruiking the credentials of Steelvision when awarding them public money.  They asserted that the investment was quote ‘fundamental to increasing local employment for new long term jobs in Latrobe Valley’,” said Ms Bath.

“This investment has proven to be an incredibly poor choice signed off by the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.  It has now cost locals jobs and inflicted huge financial debt on our community in excess of $1 million dollars in matter of a few short months.

“While some business have gone on the record to detail their debt, we are aware of others that are choosing to remain silent at this time in the hope they may be paid,” Ms Bath said.

In September 2018 the Treasurer Tim Pallas stated that the Andrew’s Labor Government knew of the company’s financial difficulties prior to awarding them the LVA grant.

“Sadly many local businesses took the Labor government’s investment in Steelvision as a financial endorsement.”

“It is blatantly clear that the LVA did not conduct due diligence in awarding the grant.

“I am calling on Daniel Andrews to come clean on the LVA funding to Steelvision and detail the decision making process that was followed which saw them granted a large amount of public money.

“Most importantly the Premier should meet with the families and businesses affected and he must fix the financial mess he and his department have created in our Latrobe Valley