Bath demands state budget funding for Traralgon Rec Reserve recovery

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath has called on the Andrews Government in state parliament to commit $8 million for the urgent redevelopment and relocation of Traralgon Recreation Reserve.

The Traralgon Recreation Reserve home to many local organisations was decimated after flood waters swept through the town without warning in the early hours of June 10 last year.

Ms Bath said the enormous damage caused by the raging flood waters was devastating –community buildings and their contents were decimated – majority of buildings were left beyond repair and uninsurable.

“Given Emergency Management Victoria failed to issue timely warnings of the major flood –residents, businesses and community organisations had no time to prepare, making the losses even greater,” said Ms Bath.

“Traralgon woke up on the morning of June 10 to flood waters engulfing the town after the Traralgon Creek burst its banks, destroying infrastructure in its path.

“Eight million dollars is urgently needed to get our important community organisations back up on their feet.

“Importantly the planning around recovery will future proof each community organisation from future weather events that lead to flooding in the town.”

Ms Bath said $8 million would support a twofold project that Latrobe City has identified as its number one project in its recent state government budget request.

“The first refurbishment would involve the construction of a brand-new community hub at Glenview Park and include a comprehensive men’s shed, an indoor roller derby court and functional indoor sports court, community rooms and a kitchen.

“While the second involves developing the multi-use Traralgon Recreation Reserve with a grandstand, change rooms, sporting access and facilities to withstand future flood events for the Traralgon Football Netball Club, Traralgon Boxing Club and local cricket clubs.

“The project has the full support of myself, and my federal Nationals colleague, Darren Chester – together we have continued to meet with and advocate for these groups on many occasions.

“The Traralgon Recreation Reserve has a rich local history, supporting the connectedness, health and wellbeing of Latrobe Valley and each deserve a guaranteed future.

“Given the lack of warnings issued by the Andrews Government for the 2021 Traralgon Floods our community groups cannot be left floundering in their uninsurable temporary facilities,” said Ms Bath.