Boolarra Folk Festival

Melina BATH (Eastern Victoria) (13:25): On the weekend I attended the 20th Boolarra Folk Festival, and what a fantastic folk festival in the most beautiful little town. I am going to read out here some of the people. There were about 70 volunteers and supporters, but I do want to put on record some of these wonderful people: president Rick Teychenne, an amazing person; secretary Carolyne Boothman; Kath Aveling; Charlie Twomey, who is a teacher at Yinnar Primary School, and Kate Reiske, both of whom did an amazing job in coordinating the music; Jack Spira; David Francis-Foreman; Glen Wearne; Jules De Cinque; Kristy Mills; Gab Francis; Mel Wearne, Elspeth Kiddell; Holly Grady; Ray Stewart; Grant McNeil; the wonderful Dan Clancey, who is a councillor out at Latrobe City; Bronwen Hilton; Brett Van Hoorn, a sound engineer of the most amazing standard; Ray Machen; John Cargill; Caterina Reiske; and Jacqui Healey. These are wonderful people. I thank them all for their amazing work over many, many years.