Bush User petition calls for Public Land Inquiry

Bush Users have rallied to launch a petition calling for a State Government Parliamentary Inquiry into public land management in Victoria.

The petition created by the Bush User Group United (BUGU) is sponsored by Shadow Assistant Minister for Public Land Use and The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath.

Ms Bath said bush users are expressing legitimate concerns on the direction of public land management under Daniel Andrews’ leadership.

“Time and time again bush users and regional communities have stated they do not want to be denied access to public land that have had access to for generations.

“There are increasing concerns the Andrews Labor Governments public land policy is a lock out and leave approach,” said Ms Bath.

“Regional communities are deeply connected with the bush and public land and they understand its importance to our regional economy.

“Bush users are fighting to be heard and crying out for a balanced approach that supports sustainable industries, tourism and recreational pursuits while maintaining environmental safeguards.

“Open and transparent consultation must be undertaken.

“It is imperative public land and national parks are not locked up and tracks closed or neglected.”

The Bush Users petition calls for a review of the state government advisory body Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC).

Ms Bath said bush users such as hikers, prospectors and miners, 4WD enthusiasts, horse riders, recreational hunters and campers feel their needs are being ignored.

“The Andrews Labor Government must start listening to all bush users and deliver a modern public land management system that meets the needs of all.”

The petition can be signed and viewed here – https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/council/petitions/electronic-petitions/view-e-petitions/details/12/116.