Calling for reinstatement of waterfowl identification tests

Ms BATH (Eastern Victoria) (20:26): My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Agriculture, and it relates to the reinstatement of waterfowl identification testing through the Game Management Authority (GMA). To make sure that  duck hunters have the skills to identify game and non-game waterfowl before they go hunting they are required to pass a waterfowl identification test. The purpose of this test is to help reduce the number of protected non-game species shot by duck hunters each year—and very necessary that is. It is undertaken via a face-to-face capacity with a series of multiple choice questions based on video footage of waterfowl in flight. One of my constituents has been attempting to complete the identification test because his 12-month junior licence has expired. This was, however, put on hold because of COVID in March this year. With no plans to reinstate the test, apparently, this law-abiding firearm owner is unable to participate in his favourite pastime with his father, his grandfather and his uncle. Despite contacting the GMA, he was advised that they will not be running a course until further notice as advised by the state government. The action I seek from the Minister for Agriculture is to work with the GMA to implement COVID-safe tests and to enable this young person to complete his waterfowl identification test as soon as possible.