Community continues fight to save Newhaven Jetty

The Bass Coast community remains steadfast in its efforts to save the Newhaven Jetty, despite a lack of constructive action or transparency from the Allan Labor Government.

The Nationals’ Member for Eastern Victoria, Melina Bath, said the Newhaven Jetty is a crucial community asset, and locals are determined not to allow it to rot due to state government inaction.

“The Bass Coast community deserves more than lip service from Labor,” Ms Bath said.

“The sudden closure of the Newhaven Jetty demands real answers. Residents who rely on the jetty socially and economically deserve to know why it was closed and the state government’s plan for its restoration and reopening.”

Ms Bath criticised the government’s handling of the Newhaven Jetty closure, highlighting the Allan Labor Government’s penchant for secrecy.

“Parks Victoria and the Allan Labor Government’s only stakeholder meeting to date occurred after I took it to task in state parliament for kicking the tin down the road.

“Meanwhile, critical questions about the jetty’s condition, engineering assessments, and funding priorities remain unanswered.”

Recent findings from a VRFish survey highlights the importance of safe and accessible piers and jetties, with over 70 per cent of recreational fishers participating in land-based fishing.

Ms Bath said if Labor wanted to understand the importance of land based fishing in Newhaven, it needed only to look to the Newhaven boat ramp that has been brimming with land based fishers over the school holidays.

“To support the Bass Coast community, I’ve initiated a Freedom of Information request to uncover the truth about the Newhaven Jetty closure, while the petition which I will table in parliament later this year is gathering excellent momentum.

“Bass Coast residents deserve transparency. They need to see the engineering assessments and understand if the government neglected its duty to maintain this vital structure.

“Concrete answers, funding and a timeline must be committed to repair and reopen the jetty.

“The Allan Labor Government can’t manage money, can’t manage public assets and regional Victorians are paying the price.”