Con Games: Labor’s contempt for regional Victorians laid bare

The Allan Labor Government’s blatant refusal to cooperate with the parliamentary inquiry into Victoria’s cancellation of the Commonwealth Games has come under fire from The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath.

A member of the Select Committee on the Commonwealth Games Bid, Ms Bath said the interim report tabled yesterday confirmed that Labor had attempted to evade scrutiny at every turn.

“The state government has declined to provide key documents about the Games on the grounds of executive privilege, which is a slap in the face to regional Victorians who will ultimately wear the $600 million cost of the disastrous decision to cancel the event,” she said.

“Jacinta Allan, former premier Daniel Andrews and former major events minister Martin Pakula all refused to appear before the inquiry and should be held in contempt for failing to deliver the explanation owed to the Parliament and Victorian taxpayers.

“Compelling evidence provided by sporting organisations and businesses across Gippsland revealed the enormous impact of Labor’s “cruel” decision – the state government built expectation, sporting organisations rallied, small businesses ramped up and planned and then the rug was pulled out from underneath them.

“This interim report has found Labor failed dismally to exercise basic due diligence by grossly underestimating costs to hold the Games in its shoddy business case.

“Yet, unbelievably, certain Ministers and agencies are still claiming immunity – something the Committee refuses to accept.

“There is absolutely no accountability and no regard for what the government has done to regional Victoria’s reputational damage, lost opportunity for the athletes, tourism, business and civic pride.

“Labor is still dangling a carrot in front of regional Victorians by claiming $2 billion of desperately needed legacy projects will be delivered but we have no detail, no timelines, and no reason to believe this government will keep its promise.

“The Nationals will continue to demand better for regional Victorians, hold the Allan Labor Government to account for its failures, and make sure Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley receive the sporting and housing infrastructure they need.

“My sincere thanks also to all of the secretariat, our committee members and indeed the witnesses and those people who made submissions to this Inquiry.” Read the interim report here: