Constituency Question Minister for Emergency Services Mirboo North

MELINA BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:50): (685) My constituency question is for the Minister for Emergency Services. Sitting within the federal government’s National Emergency Management Agency is the volunteer organisation Disaster Relief Australia. Volunteers work with purpose and are largely drawn from former ADF – Australian Defence Force – personnel. They have expertise and credentials to work in conjunction with the state government’s still-to-be-announced clean-up program to assist larger contractors and/or the local volunteer workforce in Mirboo North and the environs, the other communities around. One of my constituents has raised this with me and requested that I contact the minister, and the key thing is that the DRA must be activated by a request from the state emergency services minister. So Minister, will you activate the request for additional and skilled DRA workforce members to help with the clean-up of this disastrous storm that smashed through my beloved South Gippsland?