Constituency Question Student Wellbeing Fund

Melina BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:59): (475) My constituency question is for the Minister for Education, and it relates to the student wellbeing program school fund, formerly known as the school chaplaincy program. Your department committed to announcing the 2024–27 successful providers and schools by the end of term 3; however, they are still in the dark. Minister, will you please announce funding continuity of the program, including all Eastern Victoria electorate schools, to provide certainty to principals, chaplains, student wellbeing officers and their wider school communities. We know that 600 schools have benefited from the program in the past – not only chaplains but student wellbeing officers, including 34 in Gippsland. Multiple reports clearly indicate the benefits of this. As a former teacher, I can attest that the school chaplain in my previous school was gold – and still is. This is important to assisting students moving forward with their mental health challenges – not only students but the whole school community.