Covid Restrictions impacts on Beauty Industry


Ms BATH (Eastern Victoria) (13:28): My constituency question is for the Premier, and it relates to COVID guidelines in terms of beauty treatments and mask wearing. The Premier has stated that face masks must be worn by clients for all beauty services, prohibiting facial treatments. A highly respected and highly skilled paramedical aesthetician and clinical laser practitioner, Cherry Moore, has been in the beauty therapy industry for over 30 years. She owns the Ultima Medispa and Laser Clinic in Morwell, and over 70 per cent of her clients require specialist facial treatments. Gippsland has had zero cases for the past two months, and Cherry is desperate to open and provide that service to her customers, who are equally desperate to resume treatment. So I ask the Premier: will you immediately lift these restrictions on facial masks for the beauty industry and allow people like Cherry to once again operate, knowing that we have had zero cases for two months in Gippsland?