Crackdown on rising crime in Baw Baw

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria, Melina Bath is demanding the Andrews Government crackdown on crime in Baw Baw Shire and improve police resourcing.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions being in place for months, the latest crime statistics show a 10.4 per cent increase in the criminal incident rate over the last 12 months in Baw Baw with 6581 incidents reported per 100,000 estimated residential population.

Ms Bath said Baw Baw’s rising crime is very concerning.

“As one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state, it imperative the Andrews Government ensures police resourcing keeps pace with the rapidly Baw Baw community,” said Ms Bath

“The good people of Baw Baw don’t deserve this escalation in crime.

“Much more needs to be done, we need more police on our streets, more patrols and our hardworking officers need more resources.”

In the past five years under Daniel Andrews crime has risen 37% in Baw Baw, trends in the region show:

  • Residential aggravated burglary up 533 per cent
  • Non-residential non aggravated burglary up 201 per cent
  • Non-family violence assault up 41 per cent
  • Family Violence Common Assault up 69 per cent
  • Family violence threatening behaviour up 120 per cent
  • Breach family violence order up 73 per cent
  • Common assault up 69 per cent
  • Sexual offenses up 59 per cent
  • Motor vehicle theft up 201 per cent
  • Stealing from a motor vehicle up 144 per cent
  • Drug possession up 80 per cent

Ms Bath said, “Theses statistics validate community concerns around the sharp rise in burglary and break ins, family violence issues and assault.”

“Furthermore, the Victorian Crime Statistic Agency report indicates the community hotspots for crime across Victoria include service stations, railway carparks, shopping complexes and hospitals,” said Ms Bath.

“Most concerning is overall leap in youth offending across Victoria, where people aged 15-19 years made up the largest cohort of alleged offenders for crimes against the person with 7,754 alleged incidents.

“While the number of youths aged 10-17 years who have been arrested has risen 70% over the last five years for committing crimes against the person.

“I am calling on Daniel Andrews to get tough on serious crime and address the root causes of crime in Gippsland.”