Crime trending up in the Latrobe Valley

Crime in the Latrobe Valley remains a problem, with a 31.4 per cent overall rise in the last three years.

 Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath said the latest statistics released by the Crime Statistics Agency showed an alarming rise in violent crime across Victoria.

 “Crime is up more than 30 per cent in the Latrobe Valley and since June 2014 there’s been a 21.7 per cent rise in crimes against the person,” Ms Bath said.

 “Violent crime is on the rise – this is something that worries our community. This is what keeps our communities awake at night.”

 “Daniel Andrews must adopt the Liberal-Nationals tough mandatory sentencing policy to stop the revolving door of soft justice and sentencing under his Melbourne-centric Labor Government.”

 “Repeat violent offenders should serve mandatory jail times, not be out in the community committing more violent crimes.”

 “Between June 2016 and June 2017, robberies in the Latrobe Valley have increased a staggering 53.1 per cent, to 72 – up from 47 the year before.”

 “That’s more than one a week. Too many households and businesses are becoming victims of crime.”

 “Theft has skyrocketed 50 percent in the Latrobe Valley since June 2014, with about 60 offences on average reported per week. Victoria has become Australia’s crime capital since December 2014.”

 Since Daniel Andrews was elected, crime in Victoria has increased 16.1 per cent. Home invasions and aggravated burglaries increased by 11.1 per cent over the last year.

 “We have a crime wave that needs to be solved and while the Andrews Government might like to gloat about the overall figures, the reality is that violent crime is the highest it has ever been.”

 “We have a clear crisis on our hands but the Andrews Labor Government continues to be soft on crime,” Ms Bath concluded.