Dangerous Grand Ridge Road must be upgraded says Bath

Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath has spoken in parliament about the safety risks of deteriorating Grand Ridge Road between Boolarra South and Mirboo North and called on the Andrews Government to prioritise an immediate upgrade of the road.

Ms Bath said of particular concern was the condition of the tourist road between Fullerton and Old Foster roads, which is used daily by three school buses, agricultural transports and tourists, as well as local traffic.

“There is a significant safety risk as the road surface has deteriorated to a dangerous state through a lack of attention,” Ms Bath said.

“Drainage issues, along with spongy depressions and high traffic, have caused the surface to become highly unstable.”

Ms Bath said she had been contacted by local bus driver David Tree who explained that traffic hazard signs were put up and left for months with no work being carried out.

Mr Tree said drainage sat higher than the road and sink holes were proving a traffic hazard.

“As a bus driver I’m transporting the most precious cargo and there are massive sinkholes which the bus lurches into,” Mr Tree said.

“They’re just putting up traffic hazard signs and think that’s OK but these signs have been up for months, they’re being blown over and no work is being carried out.

“I’m aware of the issues so I know to slow down but this is a tourist road and the condition of it is not one in which you would encourage people to travel.”

Mr Tree said recently VicRoads equipment was in the area but re-located before finishing works.

Ms Bath said the road work needed to be a priority before a serious accident occurred.

“When will the Minister prioritise, through VicRoads, the immediate upgrade of this road to ensure the safety of our local community,” she asked.

“With recurrent funding and 10 per cent of the money allocated from the Port of Melbourne lease sale to go to rural and regional transport, which is $700 million, there should be no excuse.”