Drug rehabilitation support in Latrobe Valley

Ms BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:58:36): My constituency question is for the Minister for Mental Health. There is a critical need for residential rehabilitation services in the Latrobe Valley. Labor’s election promise to build a 20-bed residential rehab facility was specifically targeted at youth aged 16 to 21. By contrast our Liberal-National election commitment went further than this to establish a 20-bed all-age facility.Drug and alcohol addictions do not discriminate based on age, gender or socio-economic standing. Often it is only after some years of addiction that people are willing to commit to rehab Constituents have raised the need for an all-age live-in service including but not limited to 16 to 21 year-olds that is focused on a needs basis. Minister, will you take on board the views of the community who are asking for an all-age residential rehab facility?