Great Alpine Road

Ms BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:30): (1638) My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and it relates to the Great Alpine Road.

One of my constituents lives at the top, near Omeo, and another one travels up and down the road for work. They are both so very frustrated about the perilous state of our roads and in particular the Great Alpine Road. Potholes are fixed and then fail so, so frequently. They are also concerned about the poor communication on social media.

They want to actually see timelines and understand that the roads will be fixed and not just see, as one said, ‘fluffy messages’. They also want to comment on the concerns around Name Stone Point, which was fixed last year but has failed and slipped again. There are works being done there, but they want to know that it is being done properly, that people can pass through that area safely, that it will not fail again and that the engineering is such that it is secure for the foreseeable future.

The question I have on behalf of Mr Aronson and Mr Akeroyd is: will you fix those road surfaces properly, and will you provide a timeline for Name Stone Point to the public?