Labor dismisses Lang Lang Community Safety concerns

The Lang Lang community has been left frustrated after Labor’s Minister for Police and Community Safety dismissed their public safety concerns despite overwhelming evidence.

In March, The Nationals MP, Melina Bath called on the Minister for Police in state parliament to improve community safety in the town by increasing police presence and providing funding for CCTV to deter antisocial behaviour.

In response to Ms Bath’s question, the Minister said, “Your constituents can be assured that Victoria Police can and will deploy additional resources including specialist units such as Highway patrol, to Cardinia as required, to respond to planned events and emerging trends in the community.”

Ms Bath said in the last 9 years under Labor ‘offenses’ have increased by 174 per cent – how much more of an emerging trend does the government need before it acts?

“There is undisputable evidence that Lang Lang has a need for officers on the street and state government funding for the permanent installation of CCTV in the town precinct,” said Ms Bath.

The latest Government Services Report reveals there has been a fall in operational sworn staff despite government rhetoric.

Ms Bath said on behalf of the community she’s disappointed in Labor’s complacency, stating the Minister for Police should not dismiss residents’ concerns.

“The Police Minister’s claim that Lang Lang is well supported by a station located one hours drive away and the deployment of a mobile CCTV trailer ‘a few’ times a year is most problematic.

“The latest crime statistics support community sentiment and highlight Labor’s systemic failures to properly resource public safety.

“Community members are so concerned about the need for improved crime prevention strategies that they have instigated an e-petition to be tabled in state parliament later this year.

“Labor’s Victoria Police Staff Allocation Model is simply not working, with many additional new police in recent years being allocated to taskforces and not to stations.

“Right across Victoria there’s a need for more frontline police at stations – all Victorians deserve to be safe: in their homes, at work and on the street.

“Labor’s cuts to frontline police funding are having an impact on crime in Victoria – in the latest state budget community crime prevention was cut by $11 million down 46.0 per cent.

“It’s clear Labor can’t manage community safety, can’t manage money and Victorians are paying the price,” said Ms Bath.