Labor ducks away from hunting call

The Allan Labor Government has backed away from introducing a duck and quail hunting ban.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Public Land Use and The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath said it was a win for hunters and their families, and for science and sensibility.

Ms Bath said The Committee Report for Inquiry into Victoria’s Recreational Native Bird Hunting Arrangements was seriously flawed, and the Allan Labor Government made the correct choice to reject the recommendation to ban duck and quail hunting in Victoria.

“Any ban on duck and quail hunting introduced in Victoria would have been based on emotion and political ideology, not sound science.

“During the Inquiry, the Committee heard in evidence that the greatest threat to duck populations is habitat decline, not hunting.

“If hunters continue to revive and care for our wetlands as they have done, then our waterfowl will have habitat to breed and flourish into the future.

“Hunting, like fishing is a legitimate outdoor activity that harvests food from nature – it’s a sustainable activity delivering social, environmental, and economic benefits in regional Victoria.

“Our law abiding hunters don’t fear regulation – their simple request is the activity is regulated with science, not emotion.”

Ms Bath said while the Labor government was allowing the hunting of ducks and quail to continue for now, its’ decision was being met with cautious optimism as the devil was in the detail.

“It’s been a wet year with favourable breeding conditions, duck populations have increased – yet the Allan Labor Government has imposed restrictions on the 2024 season outside of the Game Management Authority’s recommendations.

“While the continuation of duck hunting is a win, there is justifiable disappointment for the scheduling of opening morning on a Wednesday, enforcing a six duck bag limit and 8AM start times – highlighting the political games are continuing under the Allan Labor Government.”

Ms Bath thanked hunting organisations, hunters, and their families for the respectful manner in which they approach the debate and for their ongoing volunteer efforts to restore Victorian wetland habitats.”


Link to The Nationals Minority Report – Inquiry into Victoria’s Recreational Native Bird Hunting Arrangements