Labor swings the axe, sacrifiing Gippsland timber jobs

Gippslanders are livid Labor is set to close the native timber industry.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath said Daniel Andrews announcement is a serious kick in the guts for hardworking Gippslanders.

“Once again Labor shows a total disrespect for regional people,” said Ms Bath.

“Daniel Andrews’ decision is economically devastating for Gippsland and inflicts sweeping job losses and economic pain.

“Thousands of local jobs are set to go – good, hardworking Gippslanders with families to support will be out of work.”

Ms Bath said city centric Daniel Andrews has hijacked regional Victoria by pandering to the inner city and left winged micro groups.

“Labor is toying with our livelihoods and decimating the future of our sustainable native timber industry in order to secure city votes, it’s a total disgrace,” said Ms Bath.

“It is the worst case of political bastardry.”

More than 94 per cent of Victoria’s forest is either unsuitable or unavailable for timber harvest or locked in National Parks never to be touched.

Only 0.04% of Victoria’s native forests are nominally harvested each year.

Ms Bath said this equates to only four in 10,000 trees being harvested and these trees are all replanted.

“Gippslanders will not forget Daniel Andrews shameful chase of green votes and his destruction of our region and jobs,” said Ms Bath.

“Our local timber is sustainably sourced under a strict and comprehensive regulatory framework, but now timber will have to be imported from overseas without stringent guidelines.”

Ms Bath said there are three elections before the end of 2030, Gippslanders will not forget the pain of Daniel Andrews and his shameful green agenda.

“Instead of blindly swinging an axe, Daniel Andrews should be supporting the native timber industry and celebrating its sustainability,” said Ms Bath.

“Timber is the ultimate renewable resource.

“The native timber industry is not a major threat to our forests; bushfire is.  A fact wasted on Labor.

“Victorians must rally against this announcement, we cannot afford to lose the native timber industry,” Ms Bath said.