Labor’s billing bungles on its new land tax

The roll out of Labor’s land tax grab has been bungled by the Allan Government.

Speaking in state parliament, The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath demanded the Treasurer explain why the State Revenue Office (SRO) is billing Gippsland property owners for properties they do not own.

Ms Bath said the Allan Labor Government has clearly botched the administration of its unfair land tax citing examples of errors in the invoicing system.

“In addition to being billed for properties they simply don’t own, Victorians have also been sent the personal details of other homeowners’ assets in a shocking breach of privacy.

“Rather than triggering an internal investigation when the billing errors where identified, gallingly the SRO demanded my constituents complete a legally binding verbal declaration to be factual.

“These householders were informed that they would be subject to fines from the state government agency if they provided false information – how can this be acceptable?”

The legislation passed state parliament last year facilitated by a Labor, Greens, and Animal Justice Party alliance, land tax payments are due at the end of June, 2024.

Ms Bath said the new tax was the brainchild of a government that cannot manage money.

The Nationals opposed Labor’s land tax and commit to a wholesale review of Victoria’s taxation system.

“During a cost of living crisis, Labor’s tax is costing Victorian land owners an estimated $1300 a year extra, while struggling renters will have the charge passed on or their property sold.”

Highlighting the distress caused to her constituents, Ms Bath called on the Allan Labor Government to fix its failures to ensure further errors would not cause additional distress.

“This appalling mismanagement of the land tax is clear proof Labor can’t manage taxes, it can’t manage personal data and Victorian households are paying the price.”