Labor’s health mismanagement impacting access to dialysis treatment

Sick Victorians with kidney disease face daily uncertainty in their struggle to access dialysis treatment.

Advocating for a Langwarrin constituent in State Parliament, The Nationals, Member for Eastern Victoria Melina Bath said dialysis treatment in our hospitals is “oversubscribed” and called on the Allan Labor Government to increase the number of dialysis units in Victorian hospitals.

“Victorians who experience kidney failure, must undergo dialysis treatment three times a week in order to stay alive, while waiting for an organ transplant.

“Each dialysis session lasts four to five hours, so it’s essential that patients have secure access to a treatment chair.

“Three days a week my constituent must wait for a call from the Frankston hospital for his dialysis appointment, but the times vary greatly, and long delays are a regular feature.

“Deplorably, with a shortage in State Government funded dialysis treatment chairs, each appointment my constituent faces the prospect as he describes it, of being “bounced around the hospital”.

“It is incredibly challenging for hardworking medical staff who are juggling a major shortfall in resources and grappling to allocate lifesaving dialysis treatment.

“Understandably the uncertainty is causing enormous stress for my constituent and their family when they least need it.”

The recent December 2023 Budget update showed the Allan Government had cut $930 million from health.

Ms Bath said under Labor, too many Victorians are struggling to get the care they deserve.

“There are real world consequences of Labor’s mismanagement of the health system and access to permanent dialysis treatment chairs is only one of the issues.

“Labor simply can’t manage money and health services continue to suffer at a time Victorians need them the most.”