Labor’s new regional home visitor rule defies logic

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath has labelled Daniel Andrews household visitor restriction change for regional Victoria as nonsensical.

Ms Bath said once again Daniel Andrews has shifted the restriction goal posts for regional Victoria, again picking and choosing what’s in and what’s out using another captain’s call.

Yesterday the Premier announced the rule for household visitors would change in regional Victorian, abolishing his ‘bubble’ and replacing it with a maximum of two adult visitors.

“Once again the devil is in the detail when it comes to Daniel Andrews and his coronavirus restrictions,” said Ms Bath.

“The Premier has attempted to spin the further easing of restrictions in regional Victoria,” said Ms Bath.

“Under the previous household bubble arrangement, five individuals living under the same roof could all visit their bubble together regardless of their family structure.

“Now Daniel Andrews’ household visitor rule has been strangely capped at two adults only plus dependants, with the DHHS website stating dependants can only join ‘if they cannot be left unattended or cared for in another setting’.

“If two adults were to visit another family member or friend, the consequence is teenage children and/or elderly relatives living under the same roof must be left home under this rule.

“Daniel Andrews is duping the community that his new household rule limits potential virus exposure and transmission, but it simply doesn’t.  Anyone I live with is my close contact, regardless if they attend outings or not with me.

“Rather than prescribing silly rules which make no difference to potential virus transmission, Daniel Andrews should focus his energy on getting Victoria’s contact tracing right.

Ms Bath said many regional Victorians are weary of the Premier’s overly oppressive COVID-19 rules which are clearly not based on public health advice.

“Over the weekend we saw a group of more than 500 Victorian doctors urging Daniel Andrews to end current lockdown restrictions and abandon mandatory wearing of face masks.

Ms Bath said regional Victorians have done our bit to defeat the second wave of coronavirus after Labor allowed it to escape hotel quarantine.

“We deserve to be rewarded for effort instead of being delivered excuses daily as to why Daniel Andrews thinks it’s too early ease restrictions and allow regional communities to recover.

“No one is advocating for a free for when it comes to restrictions, however with no active cases in Gippsland I have written to Daniel Andrews calling for 1 June 2020 restrictions to be re-implemented for home gatherings”, said Ms Bath.