Labor’s Solar Homes Lottery

The Andrews Labor Government’s Solar Homes Program for the second month in a row is a bad consumer lottery inflicting enormous pain on Victoria’s solar industry.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath said the August allocation of Labor’s Solar Homes Program packages sold out within 90 minutes this morning leaving consumers empty handed and solar businesses on their knees.

“This State Government’s program is rapidly killing off the solar industry in Victoria with many operators shutting up shop and putting off staff,” said Ms Bath.

“Industry groups are continuing to call for immediate changes and reporting on solar businesses deeply concerned about the future of their industry, business, their employees and their families.

“This comes only one week after a rally on the steps of State Parliament calling for immediate changes to the flawed Solar Homes Program attended by solar installers, retailers and industry

Labor’s Solar Homes Program caters for only 40,000 owner occupied homes and 2,000 rentals across Victoria, drip fed monthly to 3,333 home owners. Once the monthly rebate allocation is exhausted, consumers must try again on the first day of the following month.

Ms Bath said the lucky dip program has brought the solar industry to its knees.

“The Andrews Labor Government must step up, own its mistakes and make changes to the Solar Home Program to prevent further business closures and job losses”, said Ms Bath.

“Frustratingly Labor is arrogantly sitting back and watching the solar industry crumble from its appalling program design and implementation.”

The Clean Energy Council and the Smart Energy Council have both voiced serious concerns on the Solar Homes Program.

Ms Bath said this speaks volumes when the Clean Energy Council are the organisation the Andrews Labor Government tasked with the responsibility of accrediting solar retailers and installers for
the Solar Homes Program.

“This morning the Smart Energy Council labelled Labor’s solar scheme a ‘disaster’ and stated, ‘You are more likely to encounter a unicorn in Victoria today, than meet someone who was successful in securing a rebate’,” said Ms Bath.
“Premier Daniel Andrews and his Minister for Solar Homes are showing complete arrogance and disrespect by failing to acknowledge and act on the solar crisis they created.
“The State Government’s Solar Homes Program has stagnated sales, installations and income.

“I am calling on the Andrews Labor Government to immediately end the uncertain mess it has created in Victoria’s solar market.”