Labor’s Solar Program leaving businesses in the dark

Labor’s Solar Home Program is under a dark cloud with industry bodies and the opposition calling on the government to review its poorly designed on again, off again program.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region said the Andrews’ Labor Government program is killing off solar businesses with its shabby policy and unfair business model.

“The Solar Homes Program is creating industry volatility, impacting the operations of hundreds of businesses by handing a competitive advantage to a select few lucky businesses in the state,” said Ms Bath.

“State-wide there are 211 approved solar retailers on Solar Victoria’s website, six who are located in Gippsland.

“Questions must be asked on behalf of the many other businesses who supply and install solar systems, but are not classified as an ‘approved retailer’ under Labor’s unjust Solar Homes scheme.

“In Gippsland there are many legitimate mum and dad business operators who stand to lose their competitive ability to supply and install solar systems due to Labor’s program.”

Labor’s Solar Homes Program will cater for only 40,000 owner occupied homes and 2,000 rentals across Victoria, drip fed monthly to a small number of home owners.

During July 2019 it took only three days for the first allocation to be exhausted with the next issue scheduled for 1 August 2019.

“Ms Bath said if you apply Labor’s solar program availability to Victoria’s 2,112,699* occupied private dwellings, less than two percent of home owners will successfully access the scheme.

“The Solar Homes Program is being promoted by Labor as a revolution and a golden opportunity for home owners, but sadly it is a case of pot luck politics,” said Ms Bath.

“Once again Daniel Andrews invests heavily on PR, but is deceptive when it comes to detail and deliverables.”

The Clean Energy Council and the Smart Energy Council are voicing significant concerns on the program, while industry group Solar Cutter has launched a petition due to the programs impact on Victoria’s solar retailer and installation companies.

Ms Bath said it is time Daniel Andrews admits he has got it wrong.

“The Solar Homes Program in reality is potentially translating to no sales, no installations, no income and no business for many operators as consumers try to access Labor’s solar lottery,” said Ms Bath.

“Daniel Andrews must make immediate changes to his Solar Homes Program and end the uncertain mess he created in Victoria’s solar market.”

*Census 2016