Letter to the Editor – Fire preparation time is now

Dear Editor

 This year we are being warned that we face an intense bushfire season and the time for preparation is now.

 In recent days we have seen fierce bushfires across Gippsland. 

 With the official start of summer still eight weeks away, it’s a timely warning for all of us to refresh our fire survival plans and stay vigilant.

 A combination of warm, dry weather and high fuel loads has prompted emergency authorities to put much of eastern Victoria on increased alert.

 Despite a heavy rain forecast this week, both the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) and the Bureau of Meteorology have warned that we will have the first dry spring since 2020 – leading to an increased risk of fires earlier in the season.

 These organisations do not issue these warnings lightly.

 I encourage everyone to download the VicEmergency App from https://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/ and tune into emergency radio broadcasts if an event is live.  You can find your emergency broadcaster here https://www.emv.vic.gov.au/responsibilities/victorias-warning-system/emergency-broadcasters/official-emergency-broadcasters-in-victoria

 Stay alert and informed – have your bushfire plans updated and ready.

 You can use resources such as the CFA website www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare and the Red Cross’ Get Prepared App https://www.redcross.org.au/emergencies/prepare/get-prepared-app/ to help you develop your plan in advance. 

 Hopefully you won’t need to use it.