Members Statement – Federation University Gippsland Master of business administration students

MELINA BATH (Eastern Victoria) (13:11): My members statement is about lifelong learning and the importance of it. Federation University in Gippsland provides undergraduate courses, postgraduate degrees and a great range to serve our community, but the campus certainly had to weather the COVID shutdowns and find innovative ways to still create courses and deliver them.

Master of business administration students and their convenors celebrated last week, and indeed it shows the diversity and the importance of lifelong learning and the passion that our Gippslanders hold for their individual passions. Three in particular I would like to mention. Three participants shared their capstone projects. Rhonda Abotomey investigated organisation demand for post-traumatic growth resources, and I had an education on that one myself. Jen Smith investigated her report on a Gippsland agricultural centre for shared R and D and education – an amazing young woman that we will see more of in the future. And the principal of Lowanna College in Moe, Adam Hogan, explored factors influencing pathways to principal leadership in state schools, an incredibly relevant and important topic in education about growing future leaders. My congratulations to all of the graduates and their dedicated advisers.