Members Statement – Gippsland Storms

MELINA BATH (Eastern Victoria) (09:58): Also speaking on the Mirboo North clean-up, can I reiterate my thanks not only to the South Gippsland Shire Council but to the volunteer organisations, both organised and spontaneous, that are really pulling the heavy load for the clean-up. There are so many, but I think one deserves mention, Jessica Healy from the RSL. She is doing a power of work coordinating.

There is increasing community concern and frustration with the lack of the state government’s rollout of a clean-up package. I have seen photos today where council is attempting to clean up, on public land, infrastructure, overhanging trees and the like which should be the purview of the state government’s clean-up. It needs large-scale equipment. It needs the proper contractors in there, and they should not be putting themselves into a position where – I am not saying they are at risk, but they should not be doing this. This should be the government’s purview, and we are calling on them straightaway to get on to it nine days after.