Morwell CFA Volunteer backlash – ‘we are not moving’

Morwell CFA Brigade volunteers are fiercely pushing back on Daniel Andrew’s plan to move them to a new Morwell fire station.

At a Morwell CFA volunteer brigade meeting held last night, members vowed to continue fighting to remain at their current home.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria, Melina Bath said the Andrews Labor Government is failing to engage with Morwell volunteers, despite their repeated requests.

“Volunteer and career fire fighters concur that moving to a new station together will not work, however Labor is arrogantly ploughing ahead.

“Both volunteers and career members agree that the move is not in the best interest for all concerned.

“Morwell CFA volunteer brigade members are angry at the Labor Government’s refusal to engage and listen to their case.

“Labor is ignoring local advice and seems determined to impose its will.

“Morwell CFA brigade volunteers have repeatedly requested to remain at the McDonald Street location.”

There is valid concern the new facility will not enable Morwell CFA Brigade volunteers to recruit new members and build their organisation.

Ms Bath said Morwell CFA volunteers say they will have no control or ownership over the new facility – they will be mere tenants.

“Labor is saying everything is ok, but it is clearly not, Morwell CFA volunteers are very unhappy,” said Ms Bath.

“In Victoria there are examples where volunteers and career brigades are moving into separate stations including Lara and Eltham.”

Ms Bath said it under Daniel Andrews CFA volunteers have been leaving the brigade in their thousands.

“CFA volunteers are not second class tenants and should be treated with the respect they deserve,” said Ms Bath.

“Labor should not be forcing this move and I will be raising the issue in parliament next week,” Ms Bath said.