Nicholson Members Statement

Melina BATH (Eastern Victoria) (09:55): In East Gippsland there is a wonderful town called Nicholson. It is on the banks of the beautiful Nicholson River. The Nicholson Hotel sits on that bank, and the proprietor is Ginny Rickhuss. They are very generous people up there in East Gippsland, because that pub on its own raised, even last year, $21,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital. I thank them for selling their raffle tickets every Friday night and donating food and beverage hampers. Now, I did not win the raffle and I did not win the meat tray, but the steaks were beautiful. Also, very generous donors to the same Royal Children’s Hospital appeal are the Nicholson General Store and Nicholson River Holiday Park. Owners Jamie and Tracey Malady welcome you with open arms to their beautiful corner of the world.