Petition launched for Native Timber Fight

Victorians outraged by the Andrews Labor Government’s ban on our sustainable native timber industry are encouraged to add their name to a petition launched today.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath said the native timber ban was not based on reality, but was an ideological decision.

“A shut down of our native timber industry will cost thousands of jobs, close businesses and destroy Victorian communities and it is important we continue to push back,” Ms Bath said.

“Daniel Andrews has tried to destroy our industry by stealth for the past five years and now we know the truth – he plans to completely shut it down.

“My electorate office has been inundated with outraged constituents and this petition gives voice to their concerns.

“It also addresses the damaging myths Labor is spreading in a desperate attempt to justify its senseless ban.”

The ban will take effect from 2030, but with hardwood plantation trees taking decades to mature for harvest, not a single tree planted today will be available to industry by 2030.

Ms Bath said Daniel Andrews had ignored the facts around the sustainability of the native timber industry.

“More than 94 per cent of Victoria’s forests are protected, unavailable or unsuitable for forestry activity and are locked up in national parks never to be touched,” said Ms Bath.

“Just 0.04 per cent of the forest estate is available to industry annually and all is replanted or regenerated.”

Ms Bath said the Liberal Nationals would reverse the ban if elected in 2022.

“The message is clear, the community want Daniel Andrews to support our native timber industry and they are incredibly angry with Labor,” said Ms Bath.

“We refuse to sit by idly as Daniel Andrews works to tear this sustainable, responsible industry apart and I encourage anyone who will stand with us to sign this petition and have their voice heard.”

Melina Bath’s native timber petition can be signed at