Recycling and Waste submissions sought

Submissions are sought from individuals and business for state parliament’s Inquiry into recycling and waste management in Victoria.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region Melina Bath is a member of the Legislative Council’s Standing Committee responsible for conducting the Inquiry.

Ms Bath said she is encouraging Gippslanders to have their say in relation to municipal and industrial recycling and waste management.

“This is an opportunity for people to raise their concerns and share their insights into waste management and recycling”, said Ms Bath.

“Most Victorians conscientiously recycle household waste at the domestic level, however with a limited number of recycling plants and a growing population, Victoria’s waste is being stockpiled or placed in landfill.

“The Inquiry will address strategies to reduce waste generation and better manage waste including electronic, soft plastics, compostable paper and pulp, and industrial.”

Ms Bath is calling for a Gippsland regional hearing to form part of the Recycling and Waste Management Inquiry.

“With Gippsland’s unique and diverse industry it is important that consideration is given to our local challenges and priorities.”

Ms Bath said the state’s current recycling system and waste management strategies were evidently not working and local governments are struggling with the growing problem.

“During the last term of office the Andrews Labor Government collected half a billion dollars in the sustainability fund through municipal and industrial landfill levies.

“I am calling on the Andrews Labor Government to use these funds to invest in new technologies and recycling plants and urgently address the mounting stockpiles of recyclable waste across Victoria.

“The Inquiry’s role is to make recommendations for sustainable solutions to address the recycling and waste crisis occurring in Victoria and it must balance the needs of the community and the environment.”

Submissions can be made during May and must address the terms of reference of the Recycling and Waste Management Inquiry and can be obtained at