Replacement of Rain Gauges on Traralgon Creek flood warning system – Constituency Question

Ms BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:39): (1927) My constituency question is for the Minister for Emergency Services. Once again, 12 months after the last storms and floods in central Victoria, we are seeing people very nervous about the information flowing through, monitoring and response. The government’s Emergency Management Victoria report into severe weather warnings had lots of learnings but no recommendations for my community.

My constituent lives in Traralgon, and he is on the Traralgon Creek. He wants to understand when the rain gauges—the only warning system on the Traralgon Creek from catchment headwaters to the lower Traralgon Creek—are going to be replaced. These gauges were destroyed many years ago. One of the learnings has been in relation to better preparedness and better monitoring, and he wants to know when these are going to be replaced.