SEA Electric failed project in Latrobe valley

Ms BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:25): (1512) My question is for the Premier. The Premier in late 2018 said to the people of Latrobe Valley that there would be 500 new manufacturing jobs, that there would be 2000 electric vehicles rolling off the production line in Latrobe Valley and that Latrobe Valley would become the capital of electric car manufacturing. Last week at the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee my colleague Danny O’Brien questioned the government and the government admitted that it would not go ahead, that it is a dud deal. Latrobe Valley deserves answers, it deserves transparency and it deserves to know what went wrong. Previously the Premier had said it was commercial in confidence in relation to maintaining a competitive advantage. We know that SEA Electric was paid sufficient and substantial funds to get this project off the ground. However, what the community wants to know is: will that money be returned, and how much was spent in providing a dud deal to the people of Latrobe Valley?