Smoking decrease a win for rural health and vulnerable people

The Nationals, Member for Eastern Victorian Region Melina Bath has cited landmark record lows in Victoria’s smoking prevalence a win for regional health and wellbeing.

Ms Bath said Quit Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Council conducted a comprehensive survey throughout 2018 on smoking in Victoria and have recently released the findings.

“Encouragingly Quit Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Council ‘Smoking and Health Survey 2018’ reported positive trends which highlighted a significant decrease in the number of reported daily smokers and significant increase in the number of non-smokers.

“It is wonderful to read 84.5% of Victorians have heeded the health messages and warnings and are non-smokers, said Ms Bath.

“Importantly the study shows smoking rates have declined for regional Victorians, health care holders and those that live in disadvantaged areas.

“Achieving good health outcomes in regional communities is significantly more challenging than in capital cities, due to smaller populations, the geographical distance between towns and accessibility of specialist health care.

“It is most encouraging to know that quitting smoking will actively improve the health of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Quit and the Victorian Cancer Council state that a recent peer review study shows the majority of smokers still want to stop smoking and many have made a recent attempt to do so.

Ms Bath said Quit Victoria and the Victorian Cancer Council have both invested heavily in effective awareness and education campaigns and offered support which has helped so many Victorian’s to quit smoking.

“Both Quit and the Cancer Council must be commended for creating positive social change and health outcomes for our communities,” concluded Ms Bath.

Ms Bath is encouraging individuals who want to quit smoking to contact Quit Victoria on or call the Quit line on 13 78 48.