South Gippsland Public Transport Ticketing System

Constituency Questions No 1567


59 Parliament First Session


Asked: 2 December 2021

Eastern Victoria Region

MS BATH — To ask the Minister for Employment (for the Minister for Public Transport):

(1567) My question is to the Minister for Public Transport. My Leongatha constituent is frustrated by the poor and substandard public transport ticketing system operating in South Gippsland. In 2016 Labor released a regional network development plan and committed to simplifying and streamlining the regional ticketing system. The report also identified the need to include the Myki system into rural and regional Victoria. One example is that a tourist hopping on a bus at Leongatha to go to Melbourne was turned away and told, ‘Go to the local milk bar, because you cannot use a Myki card or a credit card’, and she did not have cash or a ticket. This is 2021, people. The government need to get their act together. My constituent wants to know: what is the government’s timeline for the introduction of the Myki ticketing system to be rolled out in South Gippsland?



Answered: 10 January 2022

The Andrews Labor Government is currently looking at what is next in the evolution of myki, Victoria’s public transport ticketing system.


In November 2021, the Department of Transport (DoT) commenced the Expression of Interest (EOI) process to find a new ticketing supplier to provide public transport ticketing services from 2024. As part of a market process, DoT has asked suppliers to identify options and opportunities to improve our ticketing experience with a focus on state-wide solutions.



The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Roads and Road Safety