Start listening to farmers on drought support

The Nationals say the Andrews Labor Government is not listening to Gippsland farmers when it comes to drought support.

For months, farmers have been crying out for relief on council rates to ease the financial pressure of drought, but yet again this week we see another Labor Government Minister ignoring these calls only to announce funds for a measure that doesn’t deliver this immediate relief.

And, once again, farmers with properties in Latrobe City Council, who are also badly affected by drought, continue to be excluded by Daniel Andrews.

We know the Andrews Labor Government can’t be trusted to make the right investments, where it’s needed and where it has the most benefit.

Pastures will take years to recover and if the Andrews Labor Government were serious about supporting Gippsland farmers’ mental health, they would immediately act to ease the crippling financial pressures they are facing, including through council rate relief.

Following a call from The Nationals in State Parliament to extend the Farm Business Assistance Program for a number of years, the government only saw fit to extend it one more month.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology Drought Report issued yesterday states that over the last 15 months Gippsland rainfall totals are either the lowest on record or severely deficient.

How much worse does Gippsland’s drought situation have to get before Labor will act?