Statement on the Commonwealth Games 2026 in Gippsland

Sharing big events with regional communities is a win for country Victorians and I commend all members of our local community involved in helping to attract Commonwealth Games events into Gippsland.

Unlike other announced regional locations, Gippsland is a geographically large region which is comprised of six local government areas – and the community has an expectation that the State Government will soon release details of where our events will be held locally.

Along with local regional sporting infrastructure upgrades, locals deserve a comprehensive program of works that addresses Gippsland’s roads and our regional rail network to improve public transport and access into our region.

It’s imperative that the economic benefit for small businesses can be maximised as our regional communities recover and rebuild post pandemic, it is also important that locals receive more than memories from hosting the Commonwealth Games over a two week period.

Meanwhile, I look forward to supporting Gippsland’s aspiring athletes in the lead up to the games and it’s exciting for our children to have the chance to see their international sporting heroes in their own backyard.


Melina Bath

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region,