The Honourable John Landy AC CVO MBE

MELINA BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:12): I am pleased to follow on from my colleague the leader of the Liberals in the upper house, Ms Crozier, and add my voice on behalf of the Nationals – there are two of us now in the upper house – to celebrate the life of the Honourable John Landy AC CVO MBE and many, many more. Perhaps I am reiterating the other two speakers, but I think sportsmanship is something that Australians have always held very dear to our hearts and we pride ourselves on being good sports and showing that, and the epitome of that good sportsmanship was going back, stopping, collecting the hand of his friend Ron Clarke back in that competitive race and then going on to pass people and finish that race. It showed the calibre of the man. It also showed potentially his later life and what he would achieve there.

Doing a bachelor of agricultural science at Melbourne University, Mr Landy really took on a passion for the environment and for agriculture, and as Ms Crozier has outlined and the Leader of the Government, he worked very much in that space. But what I also found interesting in researching him was he was chairman of the Australian Wool Research and Development Corporation, and as a National Party member that is something very dear to my heart, the R and D into how agriculture can be developed and has been developed over the decades.

In his inaugural speech in 2001 he focused on volunteers, and I would like to read to the house his words, because they show where his mind has been all throughout his career:

VOLUNTEERS are to the community what lifesavers are to the Australian beaches. They are a vital ingredient in so many facets of our life whether it be charity, caring, schools or sport.

Volunteers serve without question, they share without reservation, they listen with compassion and they enrich their community beyond measure.

On this day, the anniversary of Black Saturday, we remember those people in our region who were so substantially impacted as victims and communities, and it was so wonderful that he took on that role provided to him by the government of the time.

Can I pay my condolences to his wife and children and extended family. In an era where we have fast-moving media and a lot of, sometimes, hyperbole, it is wonderful to celebrate the life of a modest man, a respected man, a man of dignity, a competitor without doubt, but a man of great respect. Vale, John Landy.

The PRESIDENT: I ask members to signify their assent by rising in their places for 1 minute’s silence.

Motion agreed to in silence, members showing unanimous agreement by standing in their places.

The PRESIDENT: The proceedings will now be suspended as a further mark of respect. I will resume the chair in 1 hour.

Sitting suspended 12:17 pm until 1:20 pm.