The Nationals vindicated as Labor backflips on education

The Nationals have been vindicated as the Allan Labor Government backflips on its outdated approach to education.

Victorian students are finally a step closer to the education they deserve, with implementation of an evidence-based reading approach.

In the 2018 and 2022 State Elections, The Nationals pledged a year one phonics check and evidence-based literacy techniques for all government schools.

The Allan Labor Government delayed implementation, resulting in unfortunate student outcomes.

In this year’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) data shows Victorian students’ reading, mathematics, and science outcomes at record lows.

Finally, Labor has overcome its “phonics phobia” under pressure from The Nationals.

The Nationals MP and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Education Melina Bath who instigated the current upper house inquiry into education said the evidence has been clear for years and Labor’s resistance to phonics has deprived students of the quality education they deserve.

“Phonics and structured literacy are crucial for student success and should be given top priority.”

“There are exemplary examples of schools that have shown remarkable improvements in student literacy, including locally in Gippsland’s Churchill Primary School using the science of reading through the explicit teaching of phonics.”

“The inquiry has confirmed that early intervention in literacy brings positive outcomes for student learning, something the Labor Government has failed to acknowledge.”

NAPLAN results highlight the fact that more than a quarter of Victorian students are failing to meet literacy standards, highlighting Labor’s mismanagement of education over the past decade.

“Labor can’t manage our education system, and Victorians are paying the price.”