The Nats push for Mirboo North CFA station upgrade

The Nationals have put Labor on notice, yet again calling for funding for a Mirboo North CFA station upgrade in the May state budget.

Speaking in state parliament, The Nationals MPs Danny O’Brien and Melina Bath made certain that the Labor Government was reminded of the desperate need for an upgraded Mirboo North fire station.

The current station was built in 1978 with an annex extension added in 1995 which was wholly funded by volunteers and the community.

“The station is antiquated – there’s significant occupational health and safety issues including vehicle appliance doors which cannot be opened at the same time and firefighters are forced to squeeze into their trucks”, said Ms Bath.

“The storms that ripped through Mirboo North during February highlighted the critical role CFA volunteers play as first responders in local emergencies.

“The town was essentially cut off during the storm and its aftermath and CFA volunteers were the heroes, a fact the Premier was happy to recognise at a press conference.

“Making public safety a priority, brigade members rallied with chainsaws to remove trees and open up access roads – they even set up their own ‘starlink’ satellite unit for communications, borrowed from the home of a volunteer.”

During her debate, Ms Bath acknowledged Member for Gippsland South, Danny O’Brien for his persistent advocacy on behalf of the Mirboo North brigade.

“Danny O’Brien first called for a new CFA station in 2015 and since that time The Nationals have voiced the need for this community infrastructure upgrade no less than 15 times in parliament.

“Mirboo North CFA volunteers continue to play a key role during Gippsland’s emergencies from bushfire to storms and it’s time they were rewarded.

“The Premier is prepared to acknowledge Mirboo North CFA volunteers in words – but the best way she could show her gratitude is to action funding for a fit for purpose station in this year’s budget.”