Third Party Litigtaion – Timber Code of Practice

Ms BATH (Eastern Victoria) (12:46): (1965) My question is to the Minister for Environment and Climate Action. The native timber industry in Gippsland is in crisis. Third-party litigation has seen timber harvesting cease or dwindle, and wood volume is in dire shortage. Strangling the mills, the Andrews government is ignoring its promise to maintain the industry at 2019 levels. Operating for 80 years, the Mectec sawmill in Newmerella said it will have to lay off nine workers and close due to lack of supply. Protections under the greater glider action statement require VicForests to retain 40 per cent in each coupe when conditions are triggered, which it has done for the last four years. The issue sits with the ambiguities and flaws in the timber code of practice. Minister, will you gazette the 40 per cent rule in the timber code of practice so it gains the legislative power for the courts to recognise and stop this third-party litigation?