Victoria’s road deterioration and driver compensation crisis

Road compensation claims are skyrocketing with recent data showing a 400 per cent increase in vehicle damage compensation claims due to poor road conditions in the previous three financial years.

In 2020/21 there was 80 claims, in 2021/2022, 188 claims and in 2022/23, 463 claims – from these 731 claims two were assessed as payable.

The Nationals Member for Eastern Victoria Region, Melina Bath said the statistics paint a stark picture and demonstrate a systemic issue in road maintenance and driver compensation.

“Six months into the current financial year and there’s been a staggering 1532 compensation claims with only four deemed payable.

“Motorists are being forced to drive on substandard roads and the Allan Labor Government are leaving them with the bill for damaged vehicles.

“The Premier Jacinta Allan has overseen appalling cuts in road maintenance funding which has resulted in potholed ridden roads, crumbling road sides and failing surfaces.

“Since 2020 Labor has slashed road maintenance by 45 per cent, including a 25 per cent cut in this year’s budget.

“The deteriorating road conditions have a directly correlation with the rise in vehicle compensation claims.”

Ms Bath said the Allan Labor Government cannot simply dismiss these diabolical statistics by blaming driver behaviour or flood events.

“The Labor government fails to acknowledge its neglect of road maintenance and serious funding cuts which are the underlying cause.

“Furthermore, the threshold for damage claims has been set by Labor at $1580 which eliminates the most common claim – a damaged rim and blown tyre from hitting a pothole.

“This issue is broader than vehicle damage and compensation – it’s a serious road safety issue, and my constituents deserve to drive on safe roads.

“We need a road system that serves the safety and needs of all Victorians – not just those living inside the tram tracks on Melbourne.

“The Allan Labor Government clearly cannot manage money and it certainty cannot fix Victoria’s regional roads.”